Terbo Gotta Circle of Salt


female border collie


female border collie


female border colliefemale border collie

female border collie


Ruby is our newest funny, sweet, busy girl!

Ruby is going to puppy playtime and will be getting out into the conformation ring this January

We want to extend our deepest thanks to Terry Wise Hammond of Terbo kennels for helping us choose the beginning of our next generation.

Born April 22, 2014

Terbo Gotta Circle Of Salt [Usa]
Five Generation Pedigree

Fyneglen Pinto [Aus]
Aus Ch Glentress Show No Mercy [Aus]
Aus Ch Checkmate Calamity [Aus]
Multi Ch Nahrof Moonlighting [Aus]
Aus Ch Bordalace Custom Made [Aus]
Aus Ch Wiralee Moon Shadow [Aus]
Wiralee Tatania [Aus]
AKC Ch Borderfame Mystic Night (AKC DL88221701)
Aus Grand Ch Khayoz Soul Deep CDX [Aus]
Multi Ch Borderfame Heart N Soul [Aus]
Borderfame Token O Love [Aus]
Aus Ch Borderfame Mystic Power [Aus]
Aus Grand Ch Borderfame Bravo (ANKC W979042) CDX AD [Aus]
AKC Ch Aus Grand Ch Borderfame Forever Magic CD [Aus]
Borderfame Red Supa Star [Aus]
AKC Ch Terbo Turn Me Loose CDX PT RE [Usa]
Aus Ch Dakiem Vickis Lad [Aus]
AKC Ch Gotrah Kaspers Kid CDX [Aus]
Aus Ch Gotrah Bonnie Mae [Aus]
AKC Ch Riverruns Cowboy Up For Terbo [Usa]
Roy (ABC 40845) [Usa]
AKC Ch Riverrun's Hollyanna CD [Usa]
Gem (ABC 41045) [Usa]
AKC Ch Terbo Kiss This [Usa]
Usa OT Ch Dreamalot Ben (AIBC 9187) UD [Usa]
Usa OT Ch Dreamalot Last Chance [Usa]
Dreamalot Red Robbin CD [Usa]
AKC Ch Terbo Color Me Badd CD HT [Usa]
Gotrah Bonnie Kintyre [Aus]
Brushbox Majestic Honey Gem [Usa]
Keslie Dusky Lass [Aus]
Terbo Gotta Circle Of Salt [Usa]
Ulara Lignite Luke [Aus]
Lucratif Original Chill CDX JDM ADM [Aus]
Mylawn Kadbury Rose [Aus]
AKC Ch Borderfame Choc Chill
Aus Grand Ch Borderfame Bravo (ANKC W979042) CDX AD [Aus]
Borderfame Ravers Delite [Aus]
Borderfame Royal Jewel [Aus]
AKC Mex Ch Shoreland's Mocha Choca Latte [Usa]
Charttop Wild Blue Yonder
AKC Ch Borderzone Steel Thunder [Usa]
Monifieth Tall Tails (AKC DL77656001)
Shoreland Ewehoo Maggie Blue [Usa]
AKC Aus Ch Goldentone Blue Illusion
AKC Ch Shoreland's Nine To Five [Usa]
AKC Ch Shoreland's Bouncin' For Ewe [Usa]
Shoreland's-Gotta-Lotta-Chocolate (AKC DN22843402) [Usa]
Wizaland Loves Casanova
Caristan Coming Storm
Caristan Scarlett Ohara
Beesting Shadrack
Sadghyl Pip Me To Comebye (ISDS 193219) CDex UDex
Beesting Cherry (ISDS 231262)
Bracken (ISDS 211232)
AKC Ch Yezamine Red Beauty Vom Skuddenhof (AKC DN05803501) [Deu]
AKC Ch Aus Grand Ch Nahrof Final Edition [Aus]
Ita Ch Nahrof Mi Piace [Aus]
Danbeth Belle Marie [Aus]
Pol Youth Ch Blanca Borderbay [Ita]
Ita Ch Cindora Don Jose At Beagold
Redberry Borderbay [Ita]
Produced by: http://www.anadune.com
Bleusummersunrise (GS 035998) [Ita]