Triskle's Fire Down Below


female border collie


female border collie


female border collie


Ricochet is the newest bouncy member of the Iso Koira family!

Ricochet is going to puppy playtime and will be getting out into the conformation ring next year

We want to extend our deepest thanks to Tony Vanbeek and Joan Beien of Triskle kennels for helping us choose this wonderful little girl.

Born June 20, 2015

Aus Ch Minimbah Hot Lyric [Aus]
Aus Ch Devondene Kiwi Legend CD [Aus]
Devondene Kiwi Contessa [Aus]
AKC Ch Kybota Wildblue Rhythm (AKC DL91419801)
Aus Nzl Ch Loch-N-Legacy To Clan-Abby [Nzl]
Aus Ch Kybota City Rhythm [Aus]
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Borderguard Echo [Hun]
Produced by:
Hun Ch Borderguard Bridge [Hun]