Donald Ely Johnson Sr

Important Dates
BornMarch 6, 1937White Sulpher Springs, Montana
MarriedOctober 6, 1960-1979 (Divorced)Karen Eileen Wendt
Child BornJuly 15, 1961Donald Ely Johnson Jr
Child BornAugust 23, 1962Danette Lynn Johnson
Child BornMay 14, 1968Kelly Leann Johnson
Married1980-1988 (Divorced)Peggy Savage
Married1988-1992 (Divorced)Mary Pickering
Child Adopted1989Bryan Pickering
Married1993-1996 (Divorced)Karen Eileen Wendt
Married1996-PresentNorene Riley
Don Johnson

My Dad lived in White Sulpher Springs until his parents got divorced when he was a young boy. He lived all around Montana, but never left the state until he was 19 and joined the Air Force. During basic training he had to make a 4 day train trip back home because his Mom died. After he got back to the Air Force, he trained to become an electrician. When he got out of the military he went to Butte, Montana and spent a little time with his good friend Earl Milne. Earl just happened to be dating his future wife Betty, and her best friend was Karen Wendt. Karen of course, is my Mom. They had dated a little bit 4 years earlier before my Dad left for the Air Force, but had a fight over my Dad blowing a whistle and didn't see each other again until after my Dad was back. This time they hit it off and got married 4 weeks later.

When they first got married they looked for work in Montana, but there was not too much going on here so they moved to Kellogg, ID where my Dad worked at the zinc plant. My brother Don and I were both born in the couple of years they lived there. Then their big break came and my Dad got hired on with the Milwaukee Railroad, it was a great job. We moved all over Montana with the Railroad. My sister Kelly was born while we lived at Ravenna, it is a substation on the right side of I-90 when you are driving from Missoula to Drummond.